Welcome to the Isle of Wight 4x4 Club

As a member of the Motor Sport Association (MSA) the Isle of Wight 4X4 club is run by off-roaders for off-roaders.  It is an inclusive club and welcomes owners of all vehicles.  Since the clubs formation in 1988 we have consistently organised events to promote motor sport on the Isle of Wight. The club holds events at least once a month; these include driving days, trials, green-laning trips, inter-club events, mainland trips and camping.   The activities cater for all, novice off-roaders to veteran mud-pluggers.

Even if you have a shiny new 4x4 that you just want to have a drive around to try out, we would be delighted to see you at one of our driving days.  Our senior members have guided complete novices safely round our custom-made routes many times!

The annual membership fee covers the cost of the club website and general facilities offered to all members, whilst competitions and events are self-funding from the entry fees.


The most popular competitions we hold are trials. The club generally holds one trial per month. We also hold driving days - something for everyone!

In a trial the driver’s skill is pitted against a course, which includes typical off-road obstacles. The driver aims to complete the course without stopping or touching the course markers.

Vehicles typically travel at walking pace; there is NO time limit. There are several kinds of trials depending upon the severity of the terrain, plus classes to cater for vehicles of different wheelbases. The R.T.V. (Road Taxed Vehicles) trial is open to all, beginners to the most experienced off-roaders and is suitable for all makes and types of 4X4’s.  There is a more complete guide to trialing in the 'club information' section.

Videos from events









iow4x4club 16 vehicles currently paddling around in the woods at Ningwood. Come and join in if you're not here yet - we're running until 4pm!
iow4x4club Ready for Sunday's charity driving day at Ningwood? We have something special laid on for the day - a... https://t.co/H1SFVlrpTr
iow4x4club Heads-up: In order to ensure we can hold our Charity Driving Day, we have had to move it to 17th September - the... https://t.co/14Ku8BDhUy
iow4x4club Video from the trial last Sunday - what a great set of courses! https://t.co/UQ7nY6wKhA
iow4x4club Finally had confirmation of a venue to which we can go to this Sunday! Unfortunately the recent heavy rain means... https://t.co/HEt9sYgSYG